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This game will be running for as long as ethereum is around. Send ether to the Smart Contract through this website to buy your coins now before it takes off, or after the price has tanked the first time, or the second time. There's going to be a LOT of ground floors; Pretty sure we are in for a ride



We suggest shilling this coin heavily to anyone who has the right sense of humor to throw cryptocurrency into a pit of fuckery; or anyone who genuinely believes bitconnect dividends are a good idea. Creating posts on how this coin is like a standard crypto on crack with price swings and meme payouts, on /r/wallstreetbets, /r/cryptocurrency, /biz/, and making several youtube videos promoting POWL Coins is also encouraged. Please do not lie or guarantee gains, this is a game and should be considered as such!



Everytime 1 token is sold, the Smart Contract will increase the price of every token and pays out dividends. With the dynamic pricing it's likely the coin will crash, induce FOMO (fear of missing out) and trigger an entire new-wave of buyins and dividends for all previous holders. Someone is losing money, don't let it be you!



If you have weak hands and no longer want to participate in this madness sell your coins back to the Smart Contract through this website for ether! If you've HODLed for long enough and shilled hard enough that enough people have chased the meme after you, your gains will be through the roof!

  • A: Yes, Powl Coins are an ERC20 standard token built on the ethereum blockchain that you can sell on this site. They have no value outside of engaging in the POWL game with our Math Robot though and you should not consider them a real investment.

  • The original concept for the Contract was created by Dr. Jochen Hoenicke a brilliant guy who develops the Trezor Firmware and the Bitcoin Mempool statistics Viewer. We kinda hope he buys in.

  • A: Yes there were a few "Doubling Scheme" Ponzicoin sites. These worked on a different algorithm that doubled the price of each coin every 100 tokens that were purchased, and only let you sell out for 1/4th of the token value. Both times these coins were run they only lasted a few hours before the Devs Exit-scammed with them, or the contract crashed because everyone cashed out.

  • A: Different contract, You should read it; the math is pretty cool and is designed to initially spike, then crash, then spike and crash and continually make dividends for anyone with IRON HANDS and let short term / weak handed players trick themselves

  • A: The Smart-Contract will not vanish, the website can have anything happen to it at any time which may affect your ability to withdraw or manage your coins through the GUI interface it provides. On the Purchasing page we plan to provide a handy guide of how you can withdraw dividends and tokens without the GUI; so you can save a copy locally.

  • A: All transactions are handled through the Ethereum network, Metamask and Our insane blockchain gambling smart-contract. Do not use this site if you do not trust these systems. Our bet is on Metamask taking your money.

  • A: When you buy POWL Coins, you are paying ether into the PonziCoin's Smart Contract balance, think of it like an ether bank account with a fancy robot attached to it. Whenever you wish to cash out, the robot (smart contract) will pay you the ether you are owed out of its balance.

  • A: Yes! I would rather you assume you won't though.

  • A: You need to install Metamask and also need to buy some Ether (ETH), probably from something like Coinbase.

  • A: Yeah lots actually, Kucoin Sharesand Coss are big name exchange tokens that pay out a percentage of all fees taken from trading on the platform. Not to mention the actually-the-definition-of-a-ponzi "Refer friends and get their fees" schemes on Binance/Kucoins

  • A: It's a literal pyramid scheme on a rollercoaster. The price can fluccuate upwards and downwards extremely quickly depending on who cashes in/out of the contract. The dividends design encourages more and more players to hold over longer periods of time and should naturally push the price upwards however.

  • A: No, Nor are there any loops in the code that allow us to take ETH out of the contract in any ways that you yourself are not capable of.

  • A: No, this is a joke foremost and secondarily a toy that only has as much value as the fun you get out of it (and the fun you get out of other players).